Moon Shaped Head Girl movie!!

Yes, this has indeed been a strange time in our world.  I’ve been keeping sequestered away in my tower here in Rochester.  It’s been a difficult time for so many of us. I hope you are doing ok… not feeling too separated from the people you care about.

I’ve been working for over 15 years on a film called Moon Shaped Head Girl. It’s a film about transformation based on a long piece of music and lyrics I wrote during my long convalescence after a life threatening illness.  The visuals are performed by puppets… large ones, hand puppets and 2D animated ones.

I’m happy to say I’ve just finally finished scoring the instrumental parts for the whole feature length film.  I’ve released this on Patreon which you can sign up for HERE.

the three brothers:  Jumbo Jimbo, Peter Pumkin, and Authority

Moon Shaped Head Girl

You can find the full score. the synopsis, storyboard and audio examples on my Patreon…

Besides that, I’ve been doing a bunch of online live streams, creating new songs and music videos… hanging with my family and doing work on Whenland, a small project in Naples, NY which I started a few years ago where we focus on nature conservancy, natural building, tiny house work and the start of farming and ancient plant preservation.  I’ll be making some videos in the coming months so you can see some of the progress in this project.

Multibird released our album in January.  We had planned to tour a bunch this year, but life does often tell us differently.  If you’d like to spread the word please do!

Available digitally, on CD and red Vinyl here.

best wishes friends,

Seth Faergolzia

New Video – Thank You Computer

Hello my lovelies!

I’m happy to announce a new video for the song Thank You Computer by friend and fan in England, Luke Woolley of Woolley Films.  Luke reached out to me just a few weeks before Multibird left on our 5 week European tour asking if he could make a video for us, and of course I said yes!  I enjoyed the Lo-Fi video he made for Jeffrey Lewis, and I have a plan to make a video for every song on this new album as a sort of challenge to myself to focus a bit more on promotion (sometimes not my favorite thing to do).  We very quickly set up a camera in our usual rehearsal space, Meddlesome Lab (which is also a house concert venue) and got weird for the camera.  Luke took that and did his thing…  Thanks a ton to Luke and everyone else involved in the record!

I still am fully planning on doing a tour diary sort of post on here in the next week or so, still trying to catch up with everything after being away from home for 5 weeks, plus hanging with my kids!  It was an incredible tour.  I’m super happy we did it.  Everyone in the band did such an amazing job, we all got along really well and made it to every show!

ok, I’ll be back in a week with some more, but here are a few photos at least!!

Multibird Makes a Record

That’s right, we are making a record!  Even though our Kickstarter campaign is officially over, you can still pledge via paypal or Venmo!  Send us a personal message via email to get your pre-order, or sign up on Patreon and get even more!


Here’s the upcoming Multibird Tour too!

Seth Faergolzia’s Multibird

Winter EU Tour 2020

12.31 Album release Rochester NY at Skylark Lounge

1.4  Naples, NY Hollerhorn Distilling

1.10 Heidelberg, Germany Villa Nachttanz

1.11 Plauen, Germany Malzhaus

1.12 Weimar, Germany Gelben Zora

1.13 Leipzig, Germany Noch Besser Leben

1.14 Dresden, Germany Societaetstheater

1.15  Hanover, Germany Nordstadtbraut

1.16 Köln, Germany Die Wohngemeinschaft

1.17 Niederpleis, Germany Schützenhalle

1.18 Köln, Germany House Concert

1.19 Antwerp, Belgium Cafe Zeezicht 

1.22 Paris, France House Concert

1.23 Lausanne, Switzerland Salopard

1.24 Morges, Switzerland Salle de l’Ancien Stand

1.25 Zurich, Switzerland Helsinki Klub

1.26 Dießen, Germany Die Goldammer

1.27 Innsbruck, Austria  Don Quichotte Kulturzentrum

1.28 Munich, Germany Glockenbachwerkstatt

1.29 Vienna, Austria FLEX

1.30 Bregenz, Austria Kollektiv Raum 

1.31 Ottersweier, Germany Grüner Baum 

2.01 Baerenbach, Germany Shorty’s

2.02 Darmstadt, Germany Hoff-ART Theater

2.03 Kaiserslautern, Germany Benderhof

2.04 Mannheim, Germany National Theater

2.05 Köln, Germany Bauwagenplatz 

2.06 Wetzlar, Germany Kulturzentrum Franzis

2.07 Hanover, Germany Galeria Lunar

2.08 Kamen, Germany House Concert

2.09 Hamburg, Germany House Concert

2.11 Lübeck, Germany Tonfink

2.12 Berlin, Germany Schokoladen


Rochester, NY- Seth Faergolzia, one of anti-folk’s most fearless singer-songwriters, will hit the road this Winter with a new album from his latest project, Multibird. This special quartet tour will have performances in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland.

Formed in 2015, critics have hailed Multibird’s sound as “tender and calm” (New York Press) and “twisted and distorted” (Relix). Where Faergolzia’s critically-acclaimed avant-rock outfit, Dufus, shook up New York City in the ‘00s with folk-punk gymnastics and Captain Beefheart-esque abrasion, Multibird creates the communal amiability of a warm gathering around the hearth.

A Multibird show can lead almost anywhere, from raucous foot-stompers to songs soft, heartwarming and careful, to an a cappella quartet, all the while anchored by Faergolzia’s enigmatic voice and captivating presence. Outré as the four-piece may get, fans of Mumford and Sons will still feel right at home.

The Multibird quartet consists of Seth Faergolzia (acoustic guitar, loops and vocals), Shaun Jones (electric guitar, vocals, and percussion), Emily DiPaola (trumpet, drums, vocals) and Luke Cornwell (bass, drums, vocals). These versatile and powerful musicians bring a huge sound despite the small ensemble.

Faergolzia has played stages in over 20 countries touring for over 20 years and has made appearances at the End of the Road Festival, Greenman, Rockaway Beach, Zappanale, Hunsrück Open Air, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Burning Woman, One of a Million Festival, Out in the Kraut, Fringe Festival, etc. In addition, Faergolzia’s projects have played support for such acts as Animal Collective, the Yeahyeahyeahs, Kool Keith, Dan Deacon, Jeffrey Lewis, Moldy Peaches, Langhorne Slim, Frank Turner and loads more.


Please get in touch at [email protected] for guest passes, interviews and for more information.

Multibird European tour Jan / Feb 2020

Here’s what the Winter Tour is looking like so far for Multibird!

Can’t wait to see how we fill out the rest of the dates… new album on its way!!  Subscribe to my Patreon to get the tracks leaked to you early and help us decide which of the 42 songs get put on the album!!!

Jan 11 Plauen, German
Jan 14 Dresden, Germany
Jan 15 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan 18 Köln, Germany
Jan 19 Leiden, Netherlands
Jan 22 Paris, France
Jan 23 Lausanne, Switzerland
Jan 24 Morges, Switzerland
Jan 25 Zurich, Switzerland
Jan 29 Vienna, Austria
Jan 31 Ottersweier, Germany
Feb 1 Baerenbach, Germany
Feb 2 Darmstadt, Germany
Feb 4 Mannheim, Germany
Feb 5 Köln, Germany
Feb 6 Wetzlar, Germany
Feb 7 Hanover, Germany
Feb 8 Kamen, Germany
Feb 9 Bochum, Germany
Feb 11 Lubeck, Germany
Feb 12 Berlin, Germany

EXCLUSIVE! A cappella vocal composition score and recording included!

So, it’s the end of summer, autumn begins. Here in upstate New York, Autumn is one of the most beautiful times, the leaves changing colors, apple picking, cooling of the summer heat. It is one of my two favorites (Spring is the other). This piece of music is most suited to this change of season, but believe it or not, I did not plan it this way! Let’s get back to the beginning, and I’ll explain what I’ve done here for you…
I’ve been performing with this lovely quartet for the past year or so under the title Multibird. We’ve grown really close and are working well together, finding a really cohesive band sound. So while Shaun and I were on duo tour this last month I got to thinking… what would be some good things to add to our set. We’ve got hundreds of songs to pick from at this point, all kinds of moods, but what are we missing? I thought an a cappella vocal piece could be a nice addition, since we do so much singing as a group and our voices are beginning to blend. I thought this could be nice also so that we can grow as singers.
Next I began looking through my notebooks. I write poetry sometimes, just words that pop in my head, I’ve always been driven to write, these years a little less often than I used to, a little more purposefully. So, I read through stacks of poems and picked out five, then passed the short stack to Laura, and she put them in order of favorite to least favorite. I took the favorite and got to work. First, I recorded a single take with my phone, just a simple voice memo. Then I took that and put it into my composition program and wrote out that first part… digging deeper into it, I added the other three vocal parts…. After scoring the whole thing out, I put it into my DAW (digital audio workstation) and recorded the four part harmonies myself. Next I will bring it to the band!! This is what I came up with:
Feel free to print out a copy for yourself and learn it! I hope you also enjoy listening to this. It was a pleasure to make, and I can’t wait to take it on tour with Multibird!!
I think I’ll be making another one or two of these vocal pieces and sending them out to a few choir people I know. Who knows, maybe I can get this thing performed by some larger groups!!
In addition to this, I am going to be finalizing the Multibird album which has been in the works since 2014!! It is nearly done!! I can’t wait to start sharing tracks with you and asking you to vote and help me decide what the album will be like in the end… I’ve got a good feeling about this one!!
as always, big love and so many hugs,

Multibird European Duo Tour

Seth Faergolzia and Shaun Jones will be hitting the road this summer with multiple instruments, Seth on acoustic, loops and vocals, Shaun on electric and foot drums.

June 20 Otro Cinco – Syracuse, NY

June 28 Skylark Lounge – Rochester, NY

June 29 Honey Room – Buffalo, NY

July 16 Rubulad – Brooklyn, NY

July 18 Skek – Amsterdam, Netherlands

July 19 Die Goldammer – Diessen am Ammersee, Germany

July 20 La Coquette – Morges, Switzerland

July 21 Cafe Vinyl – Wetzlar, Germany

July 22 Nordstadtbraut – Hanover, Germany

July 23 Waggon – Offenbach, Germany

July 24  Sunshine Bar – Köln, Germany

July 25  Grüner Baum – Ottersweier, Germany

July 26  Hunsrück Open Air Festival – Hunsrück, Germany

July 27  Ayn Raum Haus – Mannheim, Germany

July 28 Villa Nachttanz Festivilla – Heidelberg, Germany

July 29  Loophole – Berlin, Germany

July 30  Hängarpalooza – Hangelar, Germany

July 31 TBA (Netherlands)

Keep an eye on here for updates, we will be filling these final dates in the next couple weeks…

Antikörper Session (3 live videos)

These are three videos recently sent to Antikörper Sessions, a Byte FM radio show in Germany.  Mark Kowarsch from Antikörper has been extremely patient waiting for these to come through for the past couple years.  This is basically a one-take video session Multibird did at the end of a rehearsal recently at our house show spot, Meddlesome Lab.

The performers are:
Seth Faergolzia
Shaun Jones
Emily DiPaola
Luke Cornwell

or individually:
DEVIL IN THE WASHTUB (by Forest Creature)
FROG POND (by Shaun)

If you’d like these live audio files you can find them here:


Happy Mother’s Day, here’s a tiny song!

Wrote this tonight, just a short little tune, what I think it must feel like to be a mother… a tribute to all the amazing moms out there!

Shot it in my kitchen… one of my favorite spots to play music at night.

Hope you guys are all doing good! I’ve been doing a massive purge of stuff. Getting rid of tons of possessions, selling it or throwing it out. Feels good to lighten the load. I think I’ll just keep doing it till I lift off the ground!

So much love,


re-production of an older song

This is a re-production of a song Josh Gura and Seth Faergolzia worked on together in 2008. Originally, it was just Seth playing acoustic guitar and singing, but year or two ago Josh sent Seth this new version which he produced.  The full album can be found HERE.

I suppose I’ll tell you a little bit about the history of this album.  It goes way back to my NYC days when I was putting on my musical, Fun Wearing Underwear.  My roommate, Rose, was dating this guy Shayne who lived in C-Squat and used to play in the punk band Choking Victim.  Rose was in my musical along with a ton of other friends from Purchase College and brought Shayne out to a show. He loved it and started coming regularly to the shows which were happening every weekend at Surf Reality, a truly unique and amazingly free theater where really anything was possible.  After becoming closer with Shayne and meeting his friend Josh, I decided to accept his offer to move into C-Squat (aka See Skwat) and live the squatter lifestyle.  It was great and horrible.  I wouldn’t trade the experience away, but I’ve moved from that lifestyle for my mental and physical health.  The squat has since become a co-op and some of my old friends still live there, but it is definitely changing.

Anyway, I met Josh Gura in those years and was always fascinated by how weird and wonderful his mind and his art were.  I’m still amazed and awe inspired by his work.  I wish I was in a position to make him famous because I really think he’s got incredible skills and an ingenious mind.

After my daughter was born in 2007, I moved up to Rochester from Ithaca and became less present in the NYC scene.  Josh reached out to me not too long after and said he wanted to collaborate on an album together.  He only had a short time to work with me, but he brought his studio up to my apartment in Rochester and we worked day and night producing these tracks.  I was insistent that I not play to a click track, so we did painstaking beat-mapping, which is a difficult process involving looking at wave forms to place where each beat hits.  Not easy.  This is why you’ll hear the rhythm of this album waver and move, slower and faster at points.  I hope you’ll enjoy this new production of this old song and take the time to listen to the full album, maybe even download it from bandcamp! The full album can be found HERE.

Certain People lyrics:

Certain people have certain smiles
some are awkwardly like a frown
with creases in cracks go on for miles
carry the water all further down

sometimes people show love strangely
like when we own each other
holding love inside of a cage deranged
withers and weathers a nursing mother

leafs are pages
the pages are leaving
a sage is receiving a leaflet
with pictures and captions
muses are destined
to humbly stumble
tumbling dumbly
fall into the lap of the all mind

d’al bange has taken your hand
d’al bange is stroking your head

everywhere in every town
people are dressing in what they’ve made
with their own hands
others they gather
tar and feather the naked clowns
get their reward
retire and fade away
on their own land

sometimes equal doesn’t explain things
innocent mother
held inside the cage of a rage deranged man
withers and weathers a nursing daughter

leafs are pages
the pages are leaving
a sage is receiving a leaflet
with pictures and captions
muses are destined
to humbly stumble
tumbling dumbly
fall into the lap of the all mind

d’al bange has taken your hand
d’al bange is stroking your head

put it down in a safe place
out of sight out of mind
weary head, enter the safe place
out of sight out of mind