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Art-work is my lifestyle.
For most of of my career, I’ve been writing, recording, touring and composing as an independent artist, acting as booking agent, promoter, designer, engineer, secretary… and the list goes on. The work keeps me going.  The drive to create keeps me working.  If you subscribe on Patreon to my work, you’ll get insider vlogs, monthly song downloads and video releases as they are completed… before the general public.  Plus you get a look at what it’s like to be a DIY artist, up close and personal, from my home to yours.  Exclusive Faergolzia!


Loop Painting #3 – live performance

Thank you all for subscribing! You’re so amazing, helping me accomplish dreams. I really like the way this one turned out. It was my first time ever doing a live loop painting… oh, besides one time at a house show in Frankfurt, Germany, but somehow this one was more formal. I made a plan to make the painting and loop simultaneously in front of humans! It was wild and nerve wracking, but I made it through. All the music was completely improvised and the painting was not pre-planned. It took about an hour. The video you’re getting is all that boiled down to under 4 minutes ( i think), and down below this paragraph you can get a longer version of just audio. Both are really cool. I hope you dig.


20 MINUTE LOOP AUDIO: (just click and download)

This month I plan on definitely and for sure releasing the GARBAGE NIGHT video! It’s been many months in the works, and I think you’ll all love it! Besides that we’re having a big event at Anthology here in Rochester, an all day festival sort of thing raising money and awareness for causes I believe in! Yay!



A Drawing and a Song

I realized I could make a sort of stop motion video if I set my camera to rapid fire with enough time for my hand to get on and off the screen before the next shot.  I drew this picture in 1020 strokes!  Each stroke was between 4 second shots on the camera.  I then put it all into the program I use for video editing, shrunk it down to one minute, repeated it twice with effect tweaks and put my song “Stars On the Pavement” on it.  It took quite a bit more work than expected, but every time I do something new, I learn something new!!  That’s the spirit of innovation!!  I hope you’ll all enjoy!

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23 Whensdays at Flour City Station

Seth Faergolzia & the 23 Psaegz are proud to host a weekly residency “23 WHENSDAYS” for four weeks on Wednesdays in March! We will be having weekly givaways and new material premieres each week plus one other band and one solo artist along for the ride!!! Check out all the awesomeness below….

March 1 with Personal Blend and The Crooked North Trio
March 8 with Ocular Panther and Jackson Cavalier
March 15 with Folkfaces and Roger Kuhn
March 22 with Whitewoods and MdotCoop
… with projections by Colonel Parmisan / Brian Blatt

If you make it for all 4 weeks you’ll get a free goodie bag including poster, 2 CDs, stickers, buttons and a couple other random things!

NEW VIDEO – House Show

Been a lot of work to put this pretty thing together.  It gives me a smile almost all the way through just to see the joy in peoples’ faces and the fun stuff that got captured in these few short sessions of filming live performances at Meddlesome Lab.  I’ve been helping to run shows at that place for nearly 10 years now, so this song certainly has a special place in my heart.  I hope you will watch the video and glean just a bit of the cultural enrichment I’ve been blessed to recieve through such a space.  Thanks to all my subscribers for making this sort of thing possible.  I think the videos are only going to improve as I learn how to use my camera properly and get better at editing and animation!