23 Psaegz

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23 Psaegz: The Band

Founded by Seth Faergolzia in 2010 as the successor to his world-renowned 13-year project, Dufus, the 23 Psaegz carry on that warm, weird legacy by stretching the boundaries of musical experience with unmatched craze and care. The freak-folk group originally gathered with the intention of performing Faergolzia’s stream-of-consciousness puppet rock opera 23 Psaegz, but it has also become a collaborative backing ensemble for Faergolzia’s complex web of musical delight.

Seth & the Psaegz concoct music which remains outside the scope of specific genre labels. With their harmonic subtlety, experimental lyricism, quirked-out energy, and of course, Seth’s soaring, roaring, gurgling, whip-crack-acrobatic vocals, each Psaegz performance reveals moments honest & organic in their exploration of possibility. Whether a whistle-driven dirge, foot-stomping fable, or inspired improvisation, each outlandish, wise and full-hearted song is part of a growing body of music so dynamic and full, it can be approached with new ears every time.

23 Psaegz: The Rock Opera

Seth conducts his rollicking 17-plus folk orchestra with a booming kick pedal, frolicsome guitar, and far-reaching vocals. 23 Psaegz is a profoundly human machine, a musical organism with propellers that blast gusts of free thought, a masterwork of frequencies that cut close to the bone and hug the heart. Seth deftly channels the energies of the human voice, woodwinds, brass, strings, guitars, bass, piano and salvaged metal percussion. The musical architecture of the 23 Psaegz sound world is kaleidoscopic New Orleans marching band meets Peter & the Wolf in outer space, with the intense alchemy of lyrical imagery and sonic wonder.