Friend Producers“I like the idea of what went on in this project. How friendships are being kept alive in this world, often flourishing at distances, more so than before for some people, by moderate use of computers… I’ve managed to keep in touch and actually collaborate with a number of people I’d have lost touch with years ago without internet. You just need to know what you want from it when you enter. A number of great production minds put forth their time and effort to complete this. Thank you all for being so crucial in this project’s evolution.” —Seth Faergolzia

Released 28 April 2012

  1. Puke In Rides: Joshu Aghora, Berlin
  2. Mommy Always Mommy: Preston Spurlock
  3. Two Hands: Nate Silas Richardson – Rep Studio, Ithaca NY
  4. Man of Action: Man of Action – Jack Dishel – The Overlook, NYC
  5. Goodside: John Ludington – Arcata, CA
  6. Who Bottles: Dan Romer – Drawing Number One, Brooklyn, NY
  7. Nickel: Produced by Brent Cole – Creepytime, Brooklyn, NY
  8. Idiot Convention: Joe Ferry & Peter Denenberg – Acme Studios, NY
  9. Cities On Their Way: Shaun Jones – Lightning Productions – Canandaigua, NY
  10. Man of Action: DM Stith – The Keep
  11. Goodside: Joshu Aghora – Berlin
  12. Idiot Convention: Major Matt Mason – Olive Juice Music, NYC
  13. Nickel: Gary Levitt – Young Love Studio, NYC
  14. Who Bottles: Spencer Chakedis – Balloon Heaven, NYC
  15. Gracefully: Omar Chowdhury, Shinebox Recording Studios, Staten Island, NY