New Album and European Tour!

Not Ants!! Within this 10 song LP you’ll find songs about ants (actually not ants), peaceful protest, keeping things real, letting go the child self, sailing in a cave (a dream song Regina Spektor sang), perfectly sculpted hairdos in the age of societal collapse, bringing the masses into a positive future, gun issues, dissassembling reality and the pitfalls involved, and letting go of all meaning. There are many more words than that within the songs, and tons of notes, mostly sung.

The album is structured off of live looping with voice and occasional instruments coupled with a new, less affected way of singing as suggested by my friend and collegue Jeffrey Lewis. I hope you’ll take the time to listen then buy the album!

This year I’ve put out 4 official releases plus some under pseudonyms… clearing out my vaults.  Next month there’ll be a new DUFUS LIVE ALBUM!

With all these new albums I thought it time to tour Europe!

I’ve got a bunch of dates booked in August, but still have a few days available and will likely move things around a little bit.  If you want me to come to your area, please respond to this email!  or write me directly here

August 9 – Kaiserslautern, Germany
August 10 – Berlin, Germany
August 11 – Leipzig, Germany
August 12 – Hanover, Germany
August 13 – Hangelar, Germany
August 14 – TBA
August 15 – Vienna, Austria
August 16 – TBA
August 17 – TBA
August 18 – TBA
August 19 – Morges, Switzerland
August 20 – Ottersweier, Germany
August 21 – Offenburg, Germany
August 22 – Plauen, Germany
August 23 – Offenbach, Germany

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