Hey Everybody,

I know it has been a while since I posted a new song to this page.  I apologize to all my subscribers for the hiccup.  Tour took a lot more out of me than I had expected!  It was a great journey through Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden), but to suddenly jump back into recording and producing a new song every week was fairly impossible.  For those of you who are subscribed, I did recently create a new folder which contains 34 for of the 50 songs I promised to release this year.  We also recorded 3 new ones in NYC right before we flew out of the country.  So that puts me up to 37 so far this year!  I’m working on 8 songs with my band 23 Psaegz, and the other 5 will be done in my home studio.  My thought at this point is that it will probably all get done in January or maybe early February.  I forgot to account for life and rest when I created the goal of 50 songs in a year.  It’s quite a bit of work.  I hope you’ll all be patient and realize I’m just one man!!

So, after I get the 50 done, you will still have the opportunity to vote for which songs you like best and what will go onto the final album, but I’m thinking it might end up being two albums, one for the 23 Psaegz and one of my solo work in the home studio.  There’s so much good material, and it is all so varied in style and production!  I plan on continuing this subscription project but expanding it.  I’ll be opening it up to some other websites (although this one will always be my priority, releases etc. will be here first), and I’ll begin a year of video making.  I plan on making music videos for the top 5 songs from this year’s productions and also begin work on my puppet rock opera, which will eventually be a full length movie, but I’ll be releasing it in short webisodes over the course of the year.  So, please spread the word!  This has been a great boon to my creativity and inspiration.  I hope we can keep on with it and even make it grow!!

Here are some PHOTOS from the European tour, enjoy!!!

All the best,


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