Song #26 – Dumb Waiter

My good friend Gil Mortio from Brussels, Belgium put this song together from an a capella version I wrote.  I really made it come to life in ways I never would have imagined.  He seems to do that with all his work.  He’s got a stellar band called Joy As A Toy, which I highly suggest checking out.  The image which goes along with this track is by a friend from Portugal who lives in Morges, Switzerland named Ivo Emanuel Coelho Gonçalves.  He’s done great poster designs for me two tours in a row now!

DUMB WAITER – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
A lion says you love me
Even in your secret whisper
Terror beckons forth love
Marriage is a worth pain
Buried in a turban
Carry me to the mocha flats
Where the mochachino healthy hats
Spring along fare oh well
Dingaling Fare thee well
Teleport my fridgerator
To the crater in the waves
Make sure they don’t take out my dumb waiter
Teleport my dumbwaiter instead
Dumb waiter, can I take your order

See you later, toodle-ooo toodle-ooo
See you later
Bank a ton on me
I bank your four eyes
Like to bank your four eyes
For these guys to my left
No big surprise, these guys
To my left
They’re in disguise
Like my dumbwaiter
Can I take your order
Don’t make me see you later!

Can I make your order
Can I take your water
Can I drink the water from your table

I’ve made this my mask
Tell me if I’m a dumbwaiter or not
Just ask
If you haven’t got a clue
Just ask, ask
Would you like a word or two
Dumbwaiter, I’m braver
Made of flavors
See you later
I’m working
I have to go back to work now
goodbye, goodbye
See you later
I have to go back to my work now

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