Song #25 – Video Games With Real Guns **FREE SONG**

This is one of those songs that come out easy, and I don’t really give much thought to until I start playing it over and over again when suddenly I realize their true power to move me.  I love this one a ton.  That’s why I’m giving it away for free to the general public.  I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I do!  Special thanks to 23 Psaegz for all their work preparing the songs and recording them at Blackdog Recording Studios in Rochester, NY.  There were seven songs in total we recorded during these sessions, and I’ll be releasing them over the course of the next few weeks.  Enjoy!!


When the wrecking ball makes all come down

When you’re standing in your destroyed town

You take picture on your phone

Send it to the drones

Send it to the clones


Perhaps the pic will end up viral

Thousands will pretend they care

Your pain and grief will make you famous

But you’re still standing there, dust collecting in your hair


Till you finally start to walk away

Everywhere you go they think you’re homeless

That’s not exactly what you are though

Your home was destroyed, and now you’ve nowhere to go


Into the mountains where you’re looking down

See it’s happening to every town

People doing it are playing games

Video games with real guns, and don’t say it ain’t a shame


So you attempt to bring them back

To reality through desperation

They cannot see the lives they take

Sat at a desk with numbers spilling out of their hands

Your vision grows across the world

Finding its way to all the boys and girls

They spill into the streets in numbers too large to contain

But are they desperate as you?


It’s not the numbers but the drive inside

You’ve got to show them that the fight is alive

Got break the shell of protected ignorance

Expose the innocence and teach the clone how to cry.

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