Multibird and the Psaegz horns crush it in the studio!!

Hi folks! To all of you awesome people who have been paid subscribers through 2015 and now a bit into 2016, we are nearly over the first hurdle! I set out to record, produce and mix 50 songs over the course of this past year. Now that the year has passed, I realize that was a huge goal while interspersing additional creation of 7 giant puppets and a three night production of the first act of my rock opera… plus a month long European tour. I guess it goes with my personality that I try to do way more than I am physically able to do. It’s all because I see so much beauty in art of all forms, I want to make it all! Not a bad year, as far as years go…

But, I wanted to tell you!!! We did it! We made the recording goal!! It’s amazing to feel done with a step… I went with my new 4 piece band Multibird including members of 23 Psaegz (Shaun Jones, Dominic Marini, Stan Martinelli) to NYC this past week and did a 5 song session with John Kilgore Sound, produced in part by my good friend and former professor from Purchase College, Jim McElwaine. On the way there we had a van breakdown in Hancock, NY, a very small country town off of route 17 in upstate NY, would have been bad but for this wonderful Merry Prankster, Carol from the Woodstock crew came along and talked our ears off for hours on end, really interesting stuff, and a delightful person! It could have been a bummer, but we made it to the church (in this case, a recording session) on time! Or at least on time enough to finish the songs… Those guys are a pleasure to work with, and they’ve known some greats in the musician world. Before that only by about 2 or 3 days we were in session at Blackdog Studios in Rochester, NY recording 8 songs with band plus horns with Robert Blackburn… also a fine engineer and knowledgable producer. It’s always a learning experience to go to different studio spaces and work with these engineers. They have a totally different understanding of music and sound, and since I’ve been doing so much with recording this year, it’s been wildly helpful for my own progressive maturation! I will be releasing the remaining 13 songs over the course of February and March. It’s been a rough stretch financially so I haven’t been able to do many hours in these studios, and the mixing will cost a pretty penny, so please be patient! But also, please spread the word!

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