Song #15 – High Diver

Collaboration! So in the process of writing #100songs I took all sorts of routes to a finished work each day. This one was a collaboration of sorts. Laura Lee Jones offered me a packet of poems she had written as fodder for my process, and I accepted. I’ve always had trouble reading poetry even though I write quite a bit. I’m more of a fantasy / sci fi novel sorta guy… This process has helped me to dig pretty deeply into a poem that wasn’t my own. Laura is a great artist, whatever she sets her mind to. These lyrics inspired what I believe to be an awesome song… and it’s interesting that I did more vocal affectation with this one, I think because I didn’t have to focus on the personal meaning I was putting into it. I kept it simple with the production because the voices seemed enough. I hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as I do!

HIGH DIVER – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

first perched and stretched:

long arcs of the limbs extended

the the sudden jump

body folds into itself

into the shape

of an arrow head

into a fetal pose

toes pointed

spiraling plunging replacing air water

body eliminated

from its first version

somehow lost in a moment of weightless

space — released

becomes a polished stone

armed with the substance

of speed or the moving waves

somehow the proclivity of a dive

the long plummet somehow a bird and fish at once

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