Song #14 – Running Blood

This week’s song is a quiet and calming one. I’m happy when I’m able to write something like this; it brings me the same calm, and life has been hectic for me lately so it comes in handy! The instrument I’ve used came right after Christmas 2014. Laura’s mother had given her this chime thing for the holiday and Laura suggested I try writing something on it. Since I was about 90 songs into the 100songs project I was quite open to the idea of doing anything new. New instrument can sometimes mean a different sort of inspiration. This beaut came out of that effort. It’s always nice to spend time on a new instrument. You learn things about music in general. I try not to spread myself too thin with tons of different instruments, but it sure is nice to see what I can do with something unfamiliar. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I do!


Running blood, across generations
How our love crosses generations
Transcends time, pass from life to life
Family line, bloods entwine

Bloods entwine, mix from race to race
Bloods combine, blend from face to face
Every line is a joy to trace
Back over time, Bloods entwine

Combine with every race
Combine with every face
form from every face into one

If we can keep it in our heads
Then we can keep it in our hearts
And our mind will combine to one
We will return back to one

Don’t hurt your brother
He may one day help you out
Don’t harm your sister
She knows what your life’s about
Treat him kind, treat her kind
Treat them well, they’re your blood
Running blood

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