Song #11 – Cowgirl

This one was pretty fun to write and has become a fan favorite even without the recording.  People come up to me after shows quite often saying they loved that song Cowgirl.  Haha.  If they only knew.  I actually just made this one up while driving around in the car with my daughter and Laura.  I was joking around.  My daughter kept on saying, “Cowboy!” but I insisted that I was a cowgirl, not a cowboy.  I just recorded it onto my phone for the memory, but it stuck in my head so when I arrived home I started developing it.  All the songs this month are loop songs, meaning I wrote them using a loop pedal. I have also kept to a “voice only” rule system, meaning I am only singing, but I’m using some effects and the loop pedal. The outcome is choral, a capella insanity! Once in a while there’s a song I don’t really care about at the start that through development becomes one of my favorites.  This is one of those. It was just me goofing off, but it grew.  I also have a nifty dance to this one.  I’m hoping I can get together with some videographer friends of mine to make a dance video to this.  I was thinking it’s about time I write my first line dance 😉

COWGIRL – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia,  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I am a cowgirl staying out late

I am a cowgirl feeling really great

I am a cowgirl dressed so fine

I stay out til nine!


I am a cowgirl riding my steed

I am a cowgirl ride it with speed

I can do anything I want

Cowgirl, cowgirl, cowgirl


I am a cowgirl riding with a cowboy

Ride that steed till the setting sun

dig our heels in and get the colt to run


I am a cowgirl, wear a nice vest

I am a cowgirl, never take a rest

Ride across the plains right into the wild west

I ride into the sunset,  what I do best.

Cowgirl, cowgirl, cowgirl


I am a cowgirl, feeling really cool

I am a cowgirl, it’s what I like to do

I am a cowgirl, really really great

I am a cowgirl, super super late


Clippitty cloppitty clippity cloo, rollin’ down a horse on a road, yo!


I am a cowgirl feeling really great

I am a cowgirl staying out late

I am a cowgirl dressed so fine

I stay out till nine!


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