People With Power video…

I’d prefer to let this video speak for itself.  I will say this, I’m very very proud of the giant crew of people involved in the making of this and inspired to no end by the progress we are making as a team over here.

This video is meant to be empowering to the people in a difficult time, bring inspiration to others to not only continue on, but to thrive in the face of adversity.

After this month, leading into April, I am planning on releasing the first 2 minutes of my puppet opera movie.  I know 2 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but in order to get this stuff up there, I need to record and mix a 10 piece band on music which I’ve previously scored out (see earlier post), then take that music and film my giant puppets, my small hand puppets still need to be made, and the two dimensional painting puppets need to be animated.

To make two minutes will probably take the full month of April, but I’ve been scaling way back on the public performances so have a bit more time.

This is now my priority, so be expecting much from me in this realm.  I’m calling this one of my great masterpieces.  When it is complete (probably two years down the road if I hit no roadblocks), I will put the full thing together into one singular movie and release it independently, start sending it around to film fests and theaters in order to gain some notoriety for it and potentially take it on the road.  The name of this immense project is noneother than 23 Psaegz.  I know, a bit confusing, but such is life!

all my love dear ones,


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