Loop Painting #3 – live performance

Thank you all for subscribing! You’re so amazing, helping me accomplish dreams. I really like the way this one turned out. It was my first time ever doing a live loop painting… oh, besides one time at a house show in Frankfurt, Germany, but somehow this one was more formal. I made a plan to make the painting and loop simultaneously in front of humans! It was wild and nerve wracking, but I made it through. All the music was completely improvised and the painting was not pre-planned. It took about an hour. The video you’re getting is all that boiled down to under 4 minutes ( i think), and down below this paragraph you can get a longer version of just audio. Both are really cool. I hope you dig.



20 MINUTE LOOP AUDIO: (just click and download)


This month I plan on definitely and for sure releasing the GARBAGE NIGHT video! It’s been many months in the works, and I think you’ll all love it! Besides that we’re having a big event at Anthology here in Rochester, an all day festival sort of thing raising money and awareness for causes I believe in! Yay!



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