This is incredibly exciting!! Two months of work, and the new video is done!

Helly delly friendly peoples!  Super ‘citement from the duperdiddly worm!

I’ve finished the video I’ve put my heart and soul into for the past two months straight!

First I made the song in 2014, then recorded it in 2015, then toured with it in 2016, and now I’ve finished the video.   Wow!  I must really like this song!  It’s a pretty weird hip-hop loop song, and it’s the first time since I really started learning video editing that I’ve just let loose and been creative with a video.  The other videos I’ve put on here felt creative, don’t get me wrong, but this was the first time I got really deep into it and tried to make a singular work of art out of the video.

It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!  (I had to type each one of those ‘o’s out individually, by the way.  I work so hard for you!!)  I’m pretty certain I’ve clocked at least a hundred hours work on just the video alone.  The song, well, that’s likely even more at this point.

I let my imagination run loose by first learning about storyboarding then making a storyboard while listening to the tune.  From there I set up the green screen studio in my garage (I’m lucky to have this great garage in my backyard!), and I started shooting.  Everything always takes way longer than I think it’s going to because I strive for better versions of myself constantly (which, incidentally, is sort of what this song is about).

So I like a lot of the footage I took, improved camera work, more understanding of the camera settings.  I gained understanding in greenscreen and keying.  I learned a ton about editing video, layers, frame rate.  Made costumes.  Laura Lee Jones made a puppet which I pinned to a greenscreen suit in order to have my head on its little body!!  So fun!  I even got a haircut!!!

Please watch it.  Please like it on youtube.  Please do not share the video link (yet), but if you can, pass this Patreon page along to 5 people who you think will care enough to subscribe.  I’m shooting to get the number of subscribers up to about 200, then I can perpetuate it and even maybe be able to hire some helpers so the process gets quicker and better, the art gets more focus, and my more grand ideas can become realized!!

The lyrics:

Rubbing It In© ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Human in a bottle and I’m rubbin’ it up to pour a cup

I wanna take a pull and drink myself up, I pour a cup

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in!

When I put a joke in, into the mental ether

I yolk the folk up and they giggle with their dental teeth

Rental cars for miles and miles

Emptying the pockets of the souls defiled

I’m ripping up the money

I’m ripping up the money

I’m ripping up the money even though my joke was funny

It made your eyes all runny and it tightened up your tummy

But I just can’t keep running like this

This isn’t bliss;  it’s like I missed the point when I rolled into the joint

To cover up the pain I could never seem to tame

But this is the time when my mind isn’t blind

And I’m finding out the kind of man I can be when I shine

I’m fine, and I’m an artist of the utmost

I roast all my past selves in an oven made of love

They cook to perfection, warm and tender, no need to defend ‘em

I gobble ‘em up and wash ‘em down with a goblet of my blood

This is self love of the highest order

This ain’t no ordinary sorb, sorb

Absorb all my past selves

Absorb all my past selves

Rubbin’ it in

Human in a bottle and I’m rubbin’ it up to pour a cup

I wanna take a pull and drink myself up, I pour a cup

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in!

Listen to this:

you might have missed out so open up your ears and take the words out of your mouth

Aw yeah, rubbin’ it in

When I was a little kid of 7 found a gun in an abandoned building, just out to have some fun

Were things any different them or have they stayed the same

Gobble up my past selves, then I change the name and I said

Aw yeah I’m rubbin’ it in, aw yeah I’m rubbin’ it in.

If I take a picture of the who I was then

And then again take picture of the me at age 10

Aw yeah, I gobbled it up

Look a couple years into the future and then

Compare to the picture of the me that was 10, and you can tell

Aw yeah, I gobbled it up

Human in a bottle and I’m rubbin’ it up to pour a cup

I wanna take a pull and drink myself up, I pour a cup

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in!

Think about it:

Think about this:

Won’t say it loud, that’d be annoying

Somehow made this song that I sing and that’s a thing

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in

Every memory, every thought you think

Can get lost or put into the mental sink and I said

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in

I’m gazing down from up above

Etherally looking at my brain with love and I said

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin it in

I reach inside with memory

Valuable, each and every piece and I said

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in.


Thanks a ton, my friends!  That’s what you are… my friends!  Because you give of yourself to help this dream come to form… and because you care enough to support who I am, my weird self, you allow me to be not only vulnerable without fear, but you also allow me to be my strongest version!

much love,


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