Song #3 – Marimba Project

So, I had a crazy week, flew down to NYC for a few days visiting friends, playing a show with Jeffrey Lewis and the Jrams and friends Toby Goodshank and Deenah Vollmer and their band LA Boobs.  So I didn’t get to produce and mix part 3 of the 3 songs series I’m putting out this month.  Luckily, I’ve got some stuff already completed from the months #100songs last year.  This one is an unnamed project written for a potential TV commercial, haha.  They asked for a marimba song.  Not sure if I got the commercial or not, but at least I had fun writing this and wrote something quite unlike anything I’ve done in the past.


Download Right-click and select “Save as…”

One response to Song #3 – Marimba Project

  1. mildred

    i like this at half speed & continuously ….heh, like some other things, these days.

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