Song #16 – I Want It Easy

I’m in the middle of organizing over 40 people for 3 different projects.  I’m starting a choir, a wind/horn section for my band 23 Psaegz, and a crew of people to make and operate puppets for my rock opera performance this summer.  A ton of work… so, I’m cheating a little this week and giving you guys a previously unreleased song, but it’s not part of the #100songs I wrote in the end of last year.  I hope you will forgive me!  I’m overwhelmed, but I still want to make good on my promise of a new song each week.  This is one I recorded as part of my solo album, Doubting Won’t Do.  I had to cut one song to make that album the right length… Here it is, complete with a piece of art by Adam Green, my good friend who generously donated some of his artwork to the album cover.

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