Song #12 – Bobble People

This one was a doozy. It actually still is a doozy, but in a different way. I’m starting to get into the material I haven’t gotten to work on previous to the recording project, so what I’m doing each week is to learn the song from the original sketch recording, getting it to performance level, then recording it in my studio. This one was different though; it had so many parts that to memorize it all in a matter of days was impossible so I recorded it section by section then edited it all together in the studio. A bit of cheating, but I really had no choice in the situation. This song is still a doozy because it is a part of my humor that not many people get to see (because, believe it or not, I am a bit shy until I get really comfortable around someone). I’m a little scared to release this one because of its irreverence and ridiculous stance, but I think it’s important because part of this project of writing #100songs involved writing whatever I felt at any moment then seeing it through to the end. I love this song, don’t get me wrong; I just worry that I might lose some subscribers because of the content! haha. That being said, have a listen and enjoy! Please commment and tell me what you think this story is about.


My bowels just emptied completely, testicle

And when the world doesn’t care, oo, how does this affect me?
Bawk Bukawk

If I don’t care about the world it won’t attack again
I’m broke, it won’t attack
I’ve grown, I’m good to go, don’tcha know?
Headed to the Poconos for a swim in the snow
Feel the wind blow, Glowing from a trim to my fro
Oh no! Don’t throw that mohawk down
This town ain’t big enough for another shortly shorn bro with a frown
Don’t throw that mohawk down, don’t cut it down, no, bro

Wiccans are headed my way, the Wiccans are headed my way
Don’t know what I done but they after me!
Not really sure what I’ll say when they come up to me
Probably be like, “Hey, nice day, what’dya say?
Is it time that I pay? or am I craycray?”
Thinking this is the day that they came for me
My body will spray uncontrollably all over the place
Like a lawn blazer, a lawnblazer, now there’s a nice idea!

Believe it or not, Wiccans aren’t really evil like you think
They just wanna coexist and subsist on nuts and berries like the rest of us
If you put one of them next to a Christian or a Buddhist
And stripped them of their external layers
You’d find they were players, fucking players like the rest of us

If you get right down to it sharks just want to be loved
They didn’t choose the teeth they were given to chew
There was no choice in the chew
They didn’t choose those sharp fucking teeth to rip flesh with
There was no choice in the chew
So next time you go and judge a book by its cover
Just give it a hug and hope you don’t see blood
It’s always important to never remember
There was no choice in the chew
There was no choice in the chew, uh!

Bobble People
When you bobble too many people

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