Song #10 – Row, Row, Row (aka Singing Through My Nose)

Recording and mixing live vocal looping is harder than one might think! Creating the sound of a live performance; it’s off the page…

One fifth through the project for this year! I’ve made good on my promise of a new recording every week. I hope you folks will spread the word. I’d like to keep this independent of other large money making subscription sites etc, but I need exposure. Here’s the video link if you’d like to help out by sharing:

To the song! I’ve had an interesting time getting the sounds I want out of the loop pedal. From live to studio is no easy feat! I’m glad to say Row, Row, Row (aka Singing Through My Nose) feels good enough to put up this week. It’s taken on a slightly different life since, in the studio, I can easily add things. I did stay within the borders of “voice only” which means everything on this track is my voice, though there are effects on parts of it.

I’d like to especially thank Laura Lee Jones this week.  She has been incredibly supportive through this process, which has not been easy.

I’m trying out Soundcloud this week for the project. Please let me know if it works ok for you. You can download the track up at the right hand corner of the player.

Row, Row, Row (aka Singing Through My Nose) – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

You name the date, I’ll name the place
You wear a hat, I’ll wear the face
And when you’re rowing, I’ll do the yelling
Row, Row, Row, Row
And when you’re yelling, I’ll do the rowing

Singing through my nose, you know how it goes
Wading through water and lillypads are tickling my toes

Never mind you what I said
Soon your eyes be turning red
from the books I told you
Thought you woulda knowed you
But I had to scold you for the hold you had around my neck
had your fingers wrapped around my neck
And there’s no excuse for what you did
But it is in my nature as a friend to forgive and forget
Forgive and forget
Just let it go, let it go, let it go
We all make mistakes, we are human made out of mistake
Just let it go, let it go and give ’em a break

Forgive and forget, just let it go

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