!!! Puppet Movie – Scene 2 !!!

Hello Beautiful People!

I’m feeling really well today, firstly because it’s Halloween, but also because I’ve finally finished the second chapter in my PUPPET OPERA MOVIE!!!

This is HUGE!  It has taken quite some time to reach this point.  This piece of sight and sound somehow feels like it was meant for this time, this climate, our political, social and everchanging lives as humans of earth.  Wow.  Have you been paying attention?  Things are charged and wild.  I’ve been finding messages in the lyrics written 14 years ago during a completely different life I was leading in Ithaca, NY.  Times have changed, but the problems remain the same, now as in the distant past, but the weapons are more dangerous, the population is out of control, and the stakes seem to be getting close to all or nothing…

DOWN TO BUSINESS:  This was quite a process.  As many of you know, I wrote the music for this 14 years ago using a stream of consciousness method wherein I sat with guitar and voice, recording into a cassette the ideas I had that day, stitching each beginning to the previous ending.  Each day, when I returned to my writing, I would listen first to the end of the previous day then build off that.  After I had done this long enough to fill 23 full pages of paper with lyrics (about 6 months), I took the tapes and reviewed them over and over, learning the whole thing as I went.

After learning it, I began scoring it for four parts, meant to be played in choirs, groups of instruments.

After scoring it, I started recording many people in my home studio (Whenland) and making the soundtrack.

After finishing a soundtrack piece, I take the audio and put it into my video software.  I take the synopsis written using lyrics from the music and I make storyboards.  From the storyboards I come up with the directions for my puppets and film them. Then I sift through the film and put it in my computer, edit it, move it, colorize it and smooth it over.  That is what I’m handing you today.

I have a feeling once I get to the end of this I’ll want to go back and spruce up the beginning, but I’m going to make it first in these small clips for you, then I will put them all together and fix, reshape things.  Anyway, I know people like to hear about the process…

This section is about the meeting of the Beast.  He was awakened in the last chapter and now the three brothers are coming to see if they can keep the Beast from turning totally sour and messing up the world.  Enjoy!!!

with love and thanks,


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