Wow, I’ve passed the halfway mark with this Loop Painting project!  This time I did a bit of advance work before the live performance.  So what I did was to shoot video while looping with headphones and painting a simple background in my studio.  After that, I performed at Kashong Creek in Geneva, NY and completed the painting.   You’ll notice in the video that when the scenery changes also the audio quality changes, that is because I recorded the looping while doing both parts and had the audio coincide.  I hope this creates a bit more connection to the actual events as they occurred.

Heres the SHORT AUDIO and the LONG VERSION for you to download.

My next two paintings are from the Rochester Fringe Festival.  Those ones turned out really nice, and they keep getting bigger!!!  The full art opening is December 1st at Photo City Improv here in Rochester.

This month you should expect from me a Soft Songs Series video and hopefully part 2 to the 23 Psaegz rock opera score.  I’m working hard toward a great many goals.   You are helping to make all this happen, so I must thank you repeatedly!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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