You get an old one from the vaults, exclusively.

Gun Pointed At You

That’s the title of this old tune from my distant past, from the days of living in NYC at See Squat.  It’s strange how clearly these lyrics hold to our present world.  I guess it’s always been the way it is, we perhaps have these waves of hope and the the destructo richies grab their piles of money and throw them at us in the form of weapons.

some nice bits of throat singing in this

some interesting melodic choices as well

i’m proud of this song

i hope you can hear it well!  it’s a low quality file, but sounds decent still, in it’s way, as a captured history, deteriorating just as any form of time capture.

it was recorded at my good friend and Dufus bandmate Mark Ospovat’s studio Emandee in Brooklyn.  Mark recorded some of my very first recordings in 1994, I believe.  I’ll have to try to dig some of those out.

the lyrics are on the soundcloud.

Would you guys like me to present more of the long time history songs?  I’ve got quite a number of them that have never been digitized.  It’s a bit of work, and I’m not sure if people want to hear that stuff.  So what do you think?  Post in the comments below please!  I’d like you to put in your 2 cents!

would you like me to work on playing this song then performing it on high quality video with perhaps better recording?  thoughts?

hugs and friendship,


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