Act Two – Full Musical Score and Audio plus Video version

Blazisox zinkmau!!!  The time has culminated, bubbling forth a smokey boiling liquid in the black kettle upon the fiery hearth within.  Hours and hours and hours of toil to complete this mammoth of a second act to my 13 year project in puppet opera, 23 Psaegz.

I’ve spent almost every waking / free hour, pouring my soul into this computer, this composition program, in hopes that one day we might read through this massive work and bring it to life.  I give this music to you, my Patreons, to have a first listen.  I will continue to own the copyright, hehe, but I give it to your ears, and if you read music, then I give it for your fingers… and your voices, to sing or play on your own along with this digital version first ideas sketch recording and score.

It will certainly develop over time, and I do not feel 100% done with it, but only playing it with others will bring forth changes at this point.  I’ve made it as true to my original idea as I could, with these digital constraints.  I’m loving it.

The audio is of a computer simulation of the future event with live band, but it does not have my guitar parts included, so may sound a bit sparse at times.  It also has a very sketchy voice recording along with it, where I kinda just wanted to get the vocal cues in there for the musicians to get an idea of what was happening.

Tomorrow I will will post a video of the score with music playing simultaneously.  They are rendering as we speak.  It’s a very long process since this act is about 33 minutes!!  There are three acts in all.  The third act is (thankfully) shorter, only about 15 minutes.  I previously released Act 1 a couple months back.  You can find it if you scroll through my posts here.

I’m shooting to complete Act 3 by the end of December!  That way I can move on into the next phase of this project in 2018…

We are here in the future, and weirdly, it feels very futuristic!  We are actually doing a lot of the things people predicted we would do.  I predict that we, as a species, will reach a greater state of enlightenment, while, at the same time, we will find ourselves slipping perpetually backward into ignorant bliss.  Bless!  Thanks for checking this out.



… and if you’re interested in reading along while the music plays, here’s a video version!!

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