100songs project COMPLETE!

Hi folks! I am proud to say I have completed my work on the #100songs project. This has been quite an endeavor and has spanned about 2 years’ time, but it is now complete. I set out to write 100 songs, which I did. Then I said I would release 50 of those songs, fully produced and mixed, which I’ve now done! Without you, my faithful subscribers, I would be nowhere near done with this. It took me a bit longer than expected, but what project isn’t that way?
Now comes your part in the creative process… I would like to ask you to follow this link and download all the songs into whatever it is you listen to music with, give it all a listen and tell me which songs you think would work best in a music video!! My next step is to create 10 videos from the top most chosen songs by you!! I have to admit, I’ve already started working on the video for Garbage Night (hoping to complete it by the end of this month) and, as you know, have completed the video for House Show.
These videos are only going to get better. I’m educating myself daily on video recording and editing techniques and am busting my butt to get this content out there!! I’ve got a green screen studio set up in the garage and a black curtain hung in my recording studio. I’ve bought a really nice camera and have the video editing software necessary. I think all the pieces are in place!
Will you please check out the songs we’ve all recorded and tell us which ones you think could make a good video in the comments section of this? If it’s too much to come up with 10, just tell me one or three! If you have ideas of how the video would be shot, by all means, put in your 2 cents, and we will see if we can take your dreams and form them! I want to give back to you for all you’ve given to me.
If you have any trouble with the download process, by all means, let me know, and I’ll do what I can to help you figure it out!
Thanks a ton. I’m so happy this day has come!!!!

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