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Song #28 – Thank You Computer

This is a special song, not only because it’s cool, but also because my daughter helped me write it!!  She made up the chorus “Thank you computer” a few years back when we were just hanging around.  She’s come up with so many cool musical ideas over the years.  23 Psaegz and I recorded this one at BlackDog Studios in Rochester, NY… the same place in which we plan on completing this year’s song quota with another awesome cluster of tunes!  Enjoy!

Thank You Computer – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Thank you computer
It will take a while before we understand the way that you do it
But when our minds do comprehend we bust right through it

It’s waiting on the other side for you
Anticipating, particle collide, pixelated eyes

Thank you computer

Take a look into the lives of our common friends
Start to understand the land of minds

It plays to create imagination lines
Rays of thought beam, particle collide, pixelated eyes

Rays of thought beaming from the crown of you
Rays come from the crown of those around
Rays are beams of light which make up up all of around of you
Rays of thought beaming from the crown of you

Thank you computer