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Holy Mother – Song #42

Getting close to finished with the song part of my #100songs project! So much work!! This song rules. It’s called Holy Mother. It’s about how awesome our planet is. It was recorded by John Kilgore at Kilgore Sound, NYC and co-produced by Jim McElwaine.  I’m giving it to you all for free!! I hope you’ll appreciate it. If you like it and want to hear the rest of the songs, please SUBSCRIBE!!  It really is the very best way for you to support my continual creation of art. I’ll be working this evening on a new video for Garbage Night with my friend Alex Freeman. I think we should have a teaser for you by the end of the month and are planning release of the video before the October European Tour!

Holy Mother – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Moss that creeps, growing slowly ‘cross a stone
Creepy moss, draping over everywhere it can
The moss is draping over everything it can
It can because its nature says it can

Long ago in distant lands across galaxies
Flew a stone, came to rest on lonely planet
Soon made home and grew from nearly nothing into life
A home to possibility

A place called Earth, like no other
A place where endless beauty shifts and shapes with life
Some call it our Holy Mother
She holds and guides her children into endless light

Take a peek, a look inside a history
Heaven speaks when one has open ears to nature
Moss will creep and crawl across the face of Mother
How she laughs as life will tickle her

She is kind and grants the gifts up from her bosom
Peace of mind when one dwells within her garden
What you’ll find inside her mystic thinking there is moss
A moss that’s creeping over everything

A place called Earth, like no other
A place where endless beauty shifts and shapes with life
Some call it our Holy Mother
She holds and guides her children into endless light

Song #41 – Fever Love Arrival ready for listening!

Well hello there, my fine friends!  It’s great to be back home after a long journey overseas touring Europe.  Fever Love Arrival is the first song I’ve gotten ready for you upon my return.  Tremendous thanks to all the many, many people who came out to support us on our tour through Germany, England, Scotland, Austria and Switzerland.  We played many fine shows and met amazing people in beautiful places.  Wow.  I’m still dumbfounded at the great reception we received.  Regrettably, I have not been able to get much work done on the song project, but we are definitely nearing our end!  I’ve begun a new subscription site on Patreon!  Though I will continue to run this site and put my work up on here for you all, I’m shifting slowly over to that site for my upcoming couple years of video work.  My first project will be to make a video for the song Garbage Night.  If you are interested to know more about the Patreon thing, check it out HERE!

The song:

This new song, Fever Love Arrival, is one of my favorites, but they’re all my favorites, my little babies!!  Hehe… this one is quiet and peaceful, filled with a welling up of love passion, expressed in a way I’ve not made music before.  I hope you’ll all give it a listen and download it too!  The song was recorded as part of the Multibird Kilgore Sessions at Kilgore Sound NYC.  John Kilgore is a Grammy Award winning engineer and producer.  He and co-producer Jim McElwaine were a pleasure to work with.  Both producers are seasoned veterans at recording and made us youngsters feel very comfortable through something that can often be quite uncomfortable to do.

I’d like to give a shout of thanks to my bandmates Shaun Jones, Stan Martinelli, and Dominic Marini for their extremely hard work through this last month, playing 29 shows with me in 6 different countries!  I’ll have to go through and calculate the number of miles we just traveled.  I’m sure it was in the thousands.  Most noteworthy was headlining the Hunsruck Festival in Germany… though all of our shows were superb, Hunsruck lasted the longest and the audience was insane and huge!  People were writhing and dancing and screaming and they were right there with us on an amazing journey.

We are headed back over to Europe for shows in the UK and Germany from October 5-19.  I’m back to work at the booking desk one last time before the coming baby in November!  Wish us great luck with the release of High Diver on record label Blang in London.  All the songs come from the #100songs project so it is in great part thanks to your support that this album has come to fruition.  The label is already interested in a 2nd album featuring Multibird!!!  Yay!!  Thanks folks.  I’ll try and make another posting very soon with a great many featured moments from our tour.  Till then, enjoy!!


Fever Love Arrival – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

When I look in your perfect eyes
I travel forward, forward

Heaven are you in heaven’s garden

Heaven are you
You are a place where I go
All that you do
It is a place called heaven
Heaven are you
And I will place my hands in all that you do
You do, you do, you do
You move through lightning
Through lightning!!

We will hybrid
We will hybrid

Heaven are you
All that you do
Heaven are you
All that you do
You move through lightning
Through lightning

Sailing a wreck
Viva la va ry vy nah
Fever love arrival


Multibird at South Wedge Mission

Such a beautiful space, definitely a great place for a show… I hope you’ll make it to the South Wedge Mission in Rochester, NY on
May 27th for Seth Faergolzia’s Multibird and the Fevertones
125 Caroline St, Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 746-3048

Multibird at the Barn

Yes! We love playing at the Barn. It’s this crazy out of the way spot in the middle of the country where owners Glenn and Caitlyn have decked out a huge old barn to host underground music shows once a month during the warmer months of upstate New York.

here’s the facebook event: