Pricing Table


    $ 1 per month

    • Access to blog / stream page where things are discussed, occasional votes on how things should be done. First dibs on concert tickets. I’ll announce my shows and other happenings on this subscription site first, before publicly posting elsewhere. I will post to this very regularly with more content than I would on fb or any other social network. We will hold discussions, and you will be given the opportunity to put your thoughts into my work, help me make artistic choices regarding album covers, album content, what should come next from my creative mind.
  • 100 SONGS

    $ 5 per month

    • Every week of 2015, Seth will be recording, producing and releasing a new song. 50 songs throughout the year! After this year of exclusive releases, we will ask you to vote which 10-15 songs should make it onto the album which will be released at the end of 2015 to the general public. You will get to decide which is Seth's best work of the year and what the world will hear!

    $ 7 per month

    • Access to subscription-only blog-stream. We will send you a monthly files, mostly music. Access to audio / video tutorials, what's been done and how it was done. This is especially useful to people wishing to get into audio recording etc.

    $ 15 per month

    • You will have exclusive access to a monthly live performance / Q & A for patrons only. Seth will take song requests and do live painting coupled with improvised looping. You will hear songs no one has heard, unrecorded work, see a brand new painting being created and get a special view into his workspace and methods. It will be fun!

    $ 50 per month

    • You’ll be guest listed at any show, get either a post card or personal phone call from Seth to give you updates on what’s happening in Faergolzia Land. You’ll also have access to all the other bits the other subscribers get. If you are a year-long subscriber, you will also get one of the paintings from one of the monthly live “hangouts” and get to vote on what tracks go on the album.

    $ 100 per month

    • In addition to getting all the other content, you will receive a personal skype or phone call from Seth once a month to discuss his work and how it is being created. Because there are people out there who make more money than us poor musician / artists creating only from the heart, I offer this as a means of being a great help to someone who needs it. Being an artist in this freelance business means health insurance, merchandise production, promotion, management, and everything else is up to the individual, so your contribution will allow Seth to create and do so with integrity.

    $ 200 per month

    • Seth will give you a one hour performance and chat each month in addition to all the other subscription levels.