From December, 2017

Tour Poster and Video

Happy Saturday!!
I’m happy this Saturday because I just finished this new video to promote my projects and upcoming tour. I’m pretty excited about how it turned out. There was a lot involved in the making of it, actually. I had to learn a new technique to make some animations using After Effects. It’s pretty fun and very intuitive. I think once I’m back from tour I may really get down into some animations, it’s the direction I’m leaning with my puppet opera, though I do also wish to shoot live footage of the large puppets. Whew! I’m rambling!!!
I can’t believe I’m headed out on another month-long jaunt. It’ll be my first tour since baby Albus was born. I’m pretty nervous to be leaving my family like this, but also very excited to see friends in Europe and to get to try out this new format for my shows. I’ll be having a playbill, which will tell everyone what I’m performing and give info about what’s being performed, and I’ll be playing a wide variety from my various interests, giving a cross section of my life as a tree.
This video would not have been possible if not for the amazing assistance of my partner Laura Lee Jones. She made the puppet which comes originally from the tour poster design…
… and she has offered endless help with my bookings and other business work involved in this tour. Thank you Laura…
Thanks to Brett Gobe, Traci Westcott and Dr. Frank Raymond for their video work
Thanks to Emily DiPaola, Shaun Jones, Caitlyn Bober, Laura Jones and Brett Gobe for participation in the Grande Scheme video.
Thanks to Dufus for their musical work on Fun Wearing Underwear: Grahm Dion, Rick Snell, Jack Dishel, Jerome Morris, Phil Timbakis, Mark Ospovat, Mike Pan and Babs Soft (there may be a couple other voices on there, but I can’t remember at this point since the recording was 20 years ago now!
Thanks to John Ludington of Forest Creature.
Thanks to Dominic Marini, Shaun Jones and Stan Martinelli of Multibird.
Thanks to Stephen Reardon for his photo of Multibird.
Thanks to 23 Psaegz members Shaun Jones, Emily DiPaola, Caitlyn Bober, Stan Martinelli, Anthony LaPenna and Dominic Marini for the Rubberbands video.
Thanks to Noah Estrella for the press photo and to Arthur Gold for the space in which to record the final loop at the end of the video.
Please share this around! The tour is not yet fully booked, but I can’t wait any longer to release this video because I’ve got two albums I’m trying to finish up before I leave in just under a month!! OH EM GEEEEEE!!!
hugs y’all!

Loop Painting #10 – Series Complete!!!

Hi Everyone, thanks so much for sticking with me through all this time on here.  It’s been a meaningful endeavor, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to try all kinds of things artistically that I probably wouldn’t be able to without your tremendous support!

Loop Painting #10 is done!  I set out to make 10 and now I have.  They got bigger and bigger toward the end.  This one is 15 feet long!  I got to work on it in this really cool space which is springing up called Kaleidoscope Collective here in Rochester.  It’s a huge industrial space that is presently being turned into a tea bar and music venue.  Arthur Gold allowed me to use his space, he even helped me build the frame for my canvas!  My friend Noah Estrella also helped out by shooting video while I ran my camera on automatic stop motion.  It was super fun, and all the beautiful reverb on the recording is naturally occurring in the room.  It was an easy audio mix!  Here are the versions of audio:

Small  OR  Small (alternate version)



For the video, just click on the picture at the top of the page.

As always, please give me your comments, put a heart down there if you love it, and spread the word if you can.  I need more subscribers!!

The art show is tonight! I’ll try and remember to take pics of all the stuff hanging around the room. It’s looking quite nice!

big hugs,


Loop Painting #9

I’m most happy about this one.  It took a lot of work to get to this level, doing multiple paintings while looping, learning my method for editing and mixing this music and making the video coincide.  My new friend Traci Westcott shot the video footage for this one, and I think it looks great!  Check out her website.  I feel very strongly about this one so will say no more in hopes that you will click the link to watch the video and spread it to all your friends!

Your audio files:

Short Version

Medium Version

Long Version

… and remember!  Subscribers get a discount ticket for the art opening on December 1st!!  Next and last Loop Painting is 15 feet long!!!

many many many thanks!

your friend,