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You get an old one from the vaults, exclusively.

Gun Pointed At You

That’s the title of this old tune from my distant past, from the days of living in NYC at See Squat.  It’s strange how clearly these lyrics hold to our present world.  I guess it’s always been the way it is, we perhaps have these waves of hope and the the destructo richies grab their piles of money and throw them at us in the form of weapons.

some nice bits of throat singing in this

some interesting melodic choices as well

i’m proud of this song

i hope you can hear it well!  it’s a low quality file, but sounds decent still, in it’s way, as a captured history, deteriorating just as any form of time capture.

it was recorded at my good friend and Dufus bandmate Mark Ospovat’s studio Emandee in Brooklyn.  Mark recorded some of my very first recordings in 1994, I believe.  I’ll have to try to dig some of those out.

the lyrics are on the soundcloud.

Would you guys like me to present more of the long time history songs?  I’ve got quite a number of them that have never been digitized.  It’s a bit of work, and I’m not sure if people want to hear that stuff.  So what do you think?  Post in the comments below please!  I’d like you to put in your 2 cents!

would you like me to work on playing this song then performing it on high quality video with perhaps better recording?  thoughts?

hugs and friendship,


OFFICIAL VIDEO for “Garbage Night” (certain to bring a smile to your face)

Wow, this has been a long time coming!  We’ve finally finished the music video for Garbage Night!!  It’s one I started work on almost a year ago with my friend, videographer Alex Freeman.  He’s won countless awards here in Rochester for his fine work.  Alex was a pleasure to work with, and he and I plan on bringing more and more videos to you in this manner.   It’s really satisfying to finally give this to you!  We’re keeping it private for Patrons only right now and will most likely be releasing it out into the world in about a month so please do not share it, but do invite friends to subscribe.  I’ve made it my goal to get up to 100 subscribers by the end of May!


Here’s a link to the song if you’d like to DOWNLOAD AUDIO

… and here’s a link to the PERCUSSION ONLY VERSION


The percussion is also really cool because all the instruments were found metal pieces from garbage picking.  After finding all these cool pieces of metal that made nice sounds, my daughter and I sampled them and put them into a sequencer so that I could make electronic music out of it!

My daughter and her best friend are in this video quite a bit.  From the time my little girl could talk, she was always fascinated with finding “treasure” on the street, be it a bead or an old broken toy or a sparkle, she was always picking things up, just like her father before her, just like his mother before him.  Three generations of people who love to dig around in other peoples’ refuse to find things which are still of use.

It’s my opinion that we are creating too much waste in this world.  We have so much stuff, just piling up in our homes.  Everyone has a pile of plastic bags.  We’ve got useless things, or single use things stacking on top of each other on our shelves, shoved in cellars, piled in attics.  People pay money for things they could easily find, or they buy it new though they could easily find the same thing used at a thrift store.  I’ve always loved creating art using junk I found on the street.  Building cool looking things at no cost but the labor.

When I was a kid (as the story goes in the song) I really did collect a bunch of electronics and put them all into a foot locker, connected them all and plugged them in.  It is a fond memory.  I loved that machine I built.  I feel like that was the start of my creative drive, a turning point in my life.

Anyway, I hope you will love this video so much you’ll click “like”, make comments, and spread the word about this Patreon page.  I need more subscribers to really make it work, and the only way I seem to be able to get them is if the word of mouth grows.

Thanks piles for your support.  It means a ton to me that you would put your hard earned money in as support to my art.  I’ll take it as far as I can!!

Rise Up Festival

I’m happy to say I got to book another all day festival to promote progressive politics and social justice!


Posted by Seth Hebert-Faergolzia on Saturday, March 25, 2017

Loop Painting #3 – live performance

Thank you all for subscribing! You’re so amazing, helping me accomplish dreams. I really like the way this one turned out. It was my first time ever doing a live loop painting… oh, besides one time at a house show in Frankfurt, Germany, but somehow this one was more formal. I made a plan to make the painting and loop simultaneously in front of humans! It was wild and nerve wracking, but I made it through. All the music was completely improvised and the painting was not pre-planned. It took about an hour. The video you’re getting is all that boiled down to under 4 minutes ( i think), and down below this paragraph you can get a longer version of just audio. Both are really cool. I hope you dig.


20 MINUTE LOOP AUDIO: (just click and download)

This month I plan on definitely and for sure releasing the GARBAGE NIGHT video! It’s been many months in the works, and I think you’ll all love it! Besides that we’re having a big event at Anthology here in Rochester, an all day festival sort of thing raising money and awareness for causes I believe in! Yay!