From January, 2016

Extra – Murder at the Bugjar horn parts

So much work going on right now.  This year has been incredible and trying.  Today has been a tough one, you know, sometimes it’s just difficult to roll out of bed and go to work one floor up from where you just slept.  Sometimes that sleep just wishes to remain in your body all day because you don’t actually step out the door.  I’ve got my groove now and at 6pm I can safely say I’m going to change out of my pyjamas and go outside before the sun is completely down!  Enjoy this sketch of things to come….

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.52.07 PM

Song #37 – Desk Away

Desk Away is a special song.  It is not part of the #100songs project, but I’m giving it to you all for being such patient subscribers!  I’m headed to two different studios in the coming weeks and should be done with the songs for the project by mid-February.  There will be more than the 50 I promised because I’m giving you all some unreleased material from a few years back as well.  I wrote this when my friend Payton Marovich first moved in with me a few years back, just after the conclusion of my 13 year project, Dufus.  Payton and I have become close friends and have inspired eachother musically and recorded on each other’s projects.  Pretty cool how music can make us friends.  He and I met through my music when he was living in Flagstaff, Arizona.  He moved here and has since been creating awesome music under the name Paxtor. I suggest checking it out!  This one was recorded by 23 Psaegz in an early incarnation.  This is an old pic going along with it, though I’m not sure if it has many of the same members or not… I forgot to write it down!


Desk Away – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Where the body goes, known
Where the mind goes, nobody knows
Weaving a string in and out of your toes
Wrap all around you up to your nose

Traveled around the world on a cloud
Now that I’ve seen the whole way around
Found myself on the ground
Sound through the mountains, shouting aloud,

“I’m away from my desk, far away from my desk”

When you were born your mind was pure art
They tossed you around, gave you a name
Told you no one’s the same
You’re special, you’re different
I see that clearly, pure magic
I see you with stars and sparkles all in your eyes

“I’m away from my desk, far away from my desk”

Opening my ears, a hidden message
Muddied with noise and conversation
What to do? Who to be? Who to love? What are we?

Where will take this crazy old world
Where will you take us you crazy old girl
Will this spinning ever end
And where will it land, where will it land?
Where will it land?

“I’m away from my desk, far away from my desk”

Stay away, stay away, stay away, stay away

Song #36 – Song for Grandma “Bea”

This was a bit of a difficult year for my family. Last year, while in the middle of the songwriting project, my grandmother passed away.  She was a wonderful woman, and I wrote her a little song to be played at her funeral.  My grandfather passed about a year later, just like they say happens.  Both very crafty and hard working, generous people.  They lived long, healthy lives.  I was glad to know them.

Extra – Little Bitta Reggae Horn sheets and audio

Hi Gang!

This is a special one just for the $7 subscribers and up.  Right now, I’m madly working to finish the final 15 songs of this project, with two recording sessions coming up in less than a month with two different bands… but also having a show opening for my old friend Kevin Kinsella of John Brown’s Body I thought I should add horns to our old fan favorite, Little Bitta Reggae.  Here’s a pic of some of the parts and a synthesized audio version of it as well.  Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 3.38.58 PM