From March, 2015

Song #12 – Bobble People

This one was a doozy. It actually still is a doozy, but in a different way. I’m starting to get into the material I haven’t gotten to work on previous to the recording project, so what I’m doing each week is to learn the song from the original sketch recording, getting it to performance level, then recording it in my studio. This one was different though; it had so many parts that to memorize it all in a matter of days was impossible so I recorded it section by section then edited it all together in the studio. A bit of cheating, but I really had no choice in the situation. This song is still a doozy because it is a part of my humor that not many people get to see (because, believe it or not, I am a bit shy until I get really comfortable around someone). I’m a little scared to release this one because of its irreverence and ridiculous stance, but I think it’s important because part of this project of writing #100songs involved writing whatever I felt at any moment then seeing it through to the end. I love this song, don’t get me wrong; I just worry that I might lose some subscribers because of the content! haha. That being said, have a listen and enjoy! Please commment and tell me what you think this story is about.


My bowels just emptied completely, testicle

And when the world doesn’t care, oo, how does this affect me?
Bawk Bukawk

If I don’t care about the world it won’t attack again
I’m broke, it won’t attack
I’ve grown, I’m good to go, don’tcha know?
Headed to the Poconos for a swim in the snow
Feel the wind blow, Glowing from a trim to my fro
Oh no! Don’t throw that mohawk down
This town ain’t big enough for another shortly shorn bro with a frown
Don’t throw that mohawk down, don’t cut it down, no, bro

Wiccans are headed my way, the Wiccans are headed my way
Don’t know what I done but they after me!
Not really sure what I’ll say when they come up to me
Probably be like, “Hey, nice day, what’dya say?
Is it time that I pay? or am I craycray?”
Thinking this is the day that they came for me
My body will spray uncontrollably all over the place
Like a lawn blazer, a lawnblazer, now there’s a nice idea!

Believe it or not, Wiccans aren’t really evil like you think
They just wanna coexist and subsist on nuts and berries like the rest of us
If you put one of them next to a Christian or a Buddhist
And stripped them of their external layers
You’d find they were players, fucking players like the rest of us

If you get right down to it sharks just want to be loved
They didn’t choose the teeth they were given to chew
There was no choice in the chew
They didn’t choose those sharp fucking teeth to rip flesh with
There was no choice in the chew
So next time you go and judge a book by its cover
Just give it a hug and hope you don’t see blood
It’s always important to never remember
There was no choice in the chew
There was no choice in the chew, uh!

Bobble People
When you bobble too many people

Song #11 – Cowgirl

This one was pretty fun to write and has become a fan favorite even without the recording.  People come up to me after shows quite often saying they loved that song Cowgirl.  Haha.  If they only knew.  I actually just made this one up while driving around in the car with my daughter and Laura.  I was joking around.  My daughter kept on saying, “Cowboy!” but I insisted that I was a cowgirl, not a cowboy.  I just recorded it onto my phone for the memory, but it stuck in my head so when I arrived home I started developing it.  All the songs this month are loop songs, meaning I wrote them using a loop pedal. I have also kept to a “voice only” rule system, meaning I am only singing, but I’m using some effects and the loop pedal. The outcome is choral, a capella insanity! Once in a while there’s a song I don’t really care about at the start that through development becomes one of my favorites.  This is one of those. It was just me goofing off, but it grew.  I also have a nifty dance to this one.  I’m hoping I can get together with some videographer friends of mine to make a dance video to this.  I was thinking it’s about time I write my first line dance 😉

COWGIRL – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia,  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I am a cowgirl staying out late

I am a cowgirl feeling really great

I am a cowgirl dressed so fine

I stay out til nine!


I am a cowgirl riding my steed

I am a cowgirl ride it with speed

I can do anything I want

Cowgirl, cowgirl, cowgirl


I am a cowgirl riding with a cowboy

Ride that steed till the setting sun

dig our heels in and get the colt to run


I am a cowgirl, wear a nice vest

I am a cowgirl, never take a rest

Ride across the plains right into the wild west

I ride into the sunset,  what I do best.

Cowgirl, cowgirl, cowgirl


I am a cowgirl, feeling really cool

I am a cowgirl, it’s what I like to do

I am a cowgirl, really really great

I am a cowgirl, super super late


Clippitty cloppitty clippity cloo, rollin’ down a horse on a road, yo!


I am a cowgirl feeling really great

I am a cowgirl staying out late

I am a cowgirl dressed so fine

I stay out till nine!


Song #10 – Row, Row, Row (aka Singing Through My Nose)

Recording and mixing live vocal looping is harder than one might think! Creating the sound of a live performance; it’s off the page…

One fifth through the project for this year! I’ve made good on my promise of a new recording every week. I hope you folks will spread the word. I’d like to keep this independent of other large money making subscription sites etc, but I need exposure. Here’s the video link if you’d like to help out by sharing:

To the song! I’ve had an interesting time getting the sounds I want out of the loop pedal. From live to studio is no easy feat! I’m glad to say Row, Row, Row (aka Singing Through My Nose) feels good enough to put up this week. It’s taken on a slightly different life since, in the studio, I can easily add things. I did stay within the borders of “voice only” which means everything on this track is my voice, though there are effects on parts of it.

I’d like to especially thank Laura Lee Jones this week.  She has been incredibly supportive through this process, which has not been easy.

I’m trying out Soundcloud this week for the project. Please let me know if it works ok for you. You can download the track up at the right hand corner of the player.

Row, Row, Row (aka Singing Through My Nose) – © ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

You name the date, I’ll name the place
You wear a hat, I’ll wear the face
And when you’re rowing, I’ll do the yelling
Row, Row, Row, Row
And when you’re yelling, I’ll do the rowing

Singing through my nose, you know how it goes
Wading through water and lillypads are tickling my toes

Never mind you what I said
Soon your eyes be turning red
from the books I told you
Thought you woulda knowed you
But I had to scold you for the hold you had around my neck
had your fingers wrapped around my neck
And there’s no excuse for what you did
But it is in my nature as a friend to forgive and forget
Forgive and forget
Just let it go, let it go, let it go
We all make mistakes, we are human made out of mistake
Just let it go, let it go and give ’em a break

Forgive and forget, just let it go

Hard at it and deep in it.

Deep into the process of recording this week’s song, “Singing Through My Nose”, and a bunch of improvised loop segments. Got the candle burning. Dark lighting. Not my typical session. Need a cool down from the frantic mind. There’ve been some roadblocks and glitches in this project… getting the website functional. It’s almost at a smooth level, like a rough takeoff. Finally, we are leveling off above the clouds somewhere. This should hopefully give me the leisure to fully focus on making good artwork, like I’m meant to.

Loops for the General Public #1

This is a little extra recording for my higher paying subscribers.  During the process of recording my loop songs, I spend a bunch of time improvising and hashing out different ideas.  This is one of those improvised shorts.  There will probably be a whole bunch of these released over the course of the year… Enjoy!

Download Right-click and select “Save as…”

Song #9 – Rubbin’ It In

The Month of the Loop has begun!  Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!  I don’t know if you all have noticed yet, but my first month of this project was all computer recordings, the 2nd month was all band and acoustic sort of stuff, and this month will be all loops!  I’m excited because this stuff is so much easier to mix than the full band 24 instrument productions. Everything on here is my voice. First I recorded a loop with my voice, live in studio, then I layered my main vocals over that.

Download Right-click and select “Save as…”

Rubbing It In© ⓟ 2014 Seth Faergolzia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Human in a bottle and I’m rubbin’ it up to pour a cup

I wanna take a pull and drink myself up, I pour a cup

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in!


When I put a joke in, into the mental ether

I yolk the folk up and they giggle with their dental teeth

Rental cars for miles and miles

Emptying the pockets of the souls defiled

I’m ripping up the money

I’m ripping up the money

I’m ripping up the money even though my joke was funny

It made your eyes all runny and it tightened up your tummy

But I just can’t keep running like this

This isn’t bliss;  it’s like I missed the point when I rolled into the joint

To cover up the pain I could never seem to tame

But this is the time when my mind isn’t blind

And I’m finding out the kind of man I can be when I shine

I’m fine, and I’m an artist of the utmost

I roast all my past selves in an oven made of love

They cook to perfection, warm and tender, no need to defend ’em

I gobble ’em up and wash ’em down with a goblet of my blood

This is self love of the highest order

This ain’t no ordinary sorb, sorb

Absorb all my past selves

Absorb all my past selves

Rubbin’ it in


Human in a bottle and I’m rubbin’ it up to pour a cup

I wanna take a pull and drink myself up, I pour a cup

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in!


Listen to this:

you might have missed out so open up your ears and take the words out of your mouth

Aw yeah, rubbin’ it in

When I was a little kid of 7 found a gun in an abandoned building, just out to have some fun

Were things any different them or have they stayed the same

Gobble up my past selves, then I change the name and I said

Aw yeah I’m rubbin’ it in, aw yeah I’m rubbin’ it in.


If I take a picture of the who I was then

And then again take picture of the me at age 10

Aw yeah, I gobbled it up

Look a couple years into the future and then

Compare to the picture of the me that was 10, and you can tell

Aw yeah, I gobbled it up


Human in a bottle and I’m rubbin’ it up to pour a cup

I wanna take a pull and drink myself up, I pour a cup

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in!


Think about it:

Think about this:

Won’t say it loud, that’d be annoying

Somehow made this song that I sing and that’s a thing

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in

Every memory, every thought you think

Can get lost or put into the mental sink and I said

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in

I’m gazing down from up above

Etherally looking at my brain with love and I said

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin it in

I reach inside with memory

Valuable, each and every piece and I said

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in

Aw yeah, I’m rubbin’ it in.